Dr Aroha Spinks responds to the final Climate Change Commission recommendations.

Posted on
09 June 2021
"The Climate Change Commission has given the Government several achievable paths to meet its climate targets. To meet these targets: action, not words are required. Unfortunately, this and previous governments have failed to reduce emissions or prioritise the protection and regeneration of our unique and ancient biodiversity.

If we want a healthy, sustainable future for our tamariki and mokopuna, we must pick a path and take action - now. 

New evidence shows the path forward will be more difficult, but still achievable. However, our Government will need to be more ambitious than they've previously signalled. Without it, we will not achieve the decisive climate action needed to reduce our carbon pollution and help regenerate our unique environment. We also hope any future climate change policy also incorporates biodiversity policy as both are needed to achieve success.

WWF is pleased with a greater commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi. Aotearoa's strength lies in us being able to incorporate the values of mātauranga Māori and western science to achieve our goals.  

With this in mind WWF-New Zealand challenges this Government, and our future Governments, to have cross-party support to help cool the planet while securing the safety and well-being of all New Zealanders.

While the next step is for the Government to choose the trajectory of travel, every single one of us, from every sector of New Zealand, will have an essential part to play to meet our climate goals. Together, we can do this."


Right now, we have a critical chance to build a better path forward:
Sign our petition and demand urgent action on climate change and nature loss. 


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