WWF praises passing of Zero Carbon Bill

Posted on
07 November 2019

David Tong, WWF Climate Change Programme Manager said:

"The climate crisis does not care about where you live, who you love, vote for, or how you make your money. Climate Change affects every single person, species and ecosystem on our planet, so solutions require rising above petty political squabbles. The young people of Generation Zero thought so, too. Three years ago, Generation Zero sounded the climate alarm, and all over Aotearoa, people from all walks of life, answered the call. New Zealand's businesses, from large corporations to small start-ups, also joined their fight.

"Today, over 215 New Zealand businesses, community groups and leaders joined the public to make their voices heard by calling for cross-party consensus. They urged decision makers to unite behind the Zero Carbon Bill. From Southland to the Far North, everyone from farmers to accountants all said- we want this. Together, we can take the politics out of climate action and get on with cutting emissions.

"We are thrilled Parliament heard our call and passed the Zero Carbon Act. Together, they crossed party lines to unify for our environment. This means businesses and people can now work together on a stable foundation to future proof Aotearoa from the climate crisis. Together, it's possible."


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