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New Zealand takes up the Māui Dolphin Challenge

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02 June 2017
There’s something we can all do to make a difference for endangered Māui dolphins!
In May, WWF launched the Māui Dolphin Challenge, our fundraising campaign to save the smallest and rarest marine dolphin in the world.
Scientists estimate that just 63 adult Māui dolphins survive today. These friendly and playful dolphins, with distinctive black Mickey-Mouse-ear dorsal fins need our help.
The Māui Dolphin Challenge challenges New Zealanders to fundraise by pledging to do something involving the number 63. From walking 63 kilometres of coastline to going plastic-free for 63 days, people across the country have come up with some truly inspiring creative challenges. The Challenge has been picked up by celebrities, family teams, school groups, businesses and more!
Together we’re aiming for a world where Māui dolphins are a common sight in the waters of Aotearoa New Zealand, but to achieve this goal we need help. You can take up the Challenge by signing up for your own page if you haven’t already.

How to get involved in the Māui Dolphin Challenge:
1. Choose a challenge – no matter how big or small.
2. Create a fundraising page at
3. Get your friends and family to sponsor you – spread the word far and wide!

Here are some highlights of the Māui Dolphin Challenge so far:
A Kiwi actress based in Los Angeles, you might have seen Anna Hutchison on Shortland Street, Go Girls, Power Rangers, or Underbelly. Anna was upset to hear that there are only an estimated 63 Māui dolphins remaining, so for the month of June she is running 63km a week to raise awareness and money for the dolphins.
Our youngest Challenger, Scarlett Lilly, is just three years old but loves Māui dolphins and wants to help protect them. She is not only baking cookies and picking up rubbish, but spreading the word about these animals with presentations to her kindergarten friends. Visit her page to see some cool photos of her Challenge!
"I want to help the Māui dolphins because I love them. They are special to New Zealand," she wrote on her fundraising page.
Amazing stencil artist Flox is offering up the chance to win a limited edition Flox Sea Walls Digital Print. Every person who donates (big or small) will be in the draw to win this wonderful print which features the beautiful Māui dolphin. She’s nearly reached her target amount, so enter soon to be in with a chance to win.
Our top fundraiser so far is Kiwi business Raglan Coconut Yoghurt. The staff rounded up 63 of their most delicious products and asked people to donate for a chance to take the goodies home. This simple Challenge raised an outstanding $1,500
The wonderful animal lovers of Paraparaumu College SEAR Group signed up to do a range of Challenges across the year. They started by teaming up with Z Health Studio to do 63 yoga moves in a session. “With only 63 Māui dolphins left, we want to see those numbers rise so our children and our grandchildren can live among these amazing beings,” said the group on their Challenge page.
We’ve been so inspired by all the brilliant ideas and fantastic efforts of everyone who has got behind the Māui Dolphin Challenge. See all the Challengers here, or sign up for one yourself.

Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter pages to see some of the campaign highlights, or find out more about our work to support these wonderful animals.
With your help, there is hope for Māui dolphins!


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