Raising awareness

WWF-New Zealand is targeting both consumers and retailers to raise their awareness about where the fish they buy or sell comes from.

Was it caught sustainably? Did catching it harm the environment?

Aware consumers will demand sustainable seafood choices. Aware retailers will pressure their supply chains – brand owners, processors and fishers – to provide sustainably-caught fish products.

What we are doing
WWF-New Zealand’s goal is that major supply chain businesses will recognise that sustainably-caught fish products are a powerful and positive marketing niche, and adopt responsible purchasing policies.

To help achieve this we:
•    Use market research and polls to gauge the awareness of retailers and consumers.
•    Write features and press releases to increase awareness of sustainable seafood choices.
•    Build a business case for major corporates in the seafood supply chain to develop and put in place responsible fish purchasing policies.
•    Provide advice to help brand owners and retailers develop responsible purchasing policies.

Further reading
A New Zealand-based fish buyer’s guide is available.