Previous winners

Find out more about previous winners of the WWF Conservation Innovation Awards, and how winning changed the game for them.

Increasing concerns about the quality of freshwater was a key part in the debate that was the 2017 “Environmental Election”. Now there's a game-changing solution to New Zealand’s freshwater emergency – the RiverWatch Water Sensor, which monitors freshwater quality using real time data.

Communities need to know what the state of their water is. This tool means they can do this. This invention is a tool to address New Zealand’s worsening river and freshwater quality, and could have a major impact on the restoration of our freshwater for generations to come.

Taking wildlife tracking to the next level in the urgent fight to stem the tragic loss of species, both locally and globally, DroneCounts is about to take flight.

Thought to be a world first, DroneCounts can GPS track and map the location of tagged endangered species, providing time-synchronised data about the target species’ behaviour to assist conservation management. The system can be customised to track wildlife, poachers, livestock or even emergency services personnel conducting search and rescue missions after disaster events.

There is a game-changing tool on the way in the war against kauri dieback disease which is having a devastating effect on New Zealand’s native forests.

Groundtruth is developing a Stop Kauri Dieback app that will allow people to record and map dieback sightings - supporting community engagement and management of kauri dieback.

The fungus-like disease with no known cure is killing kauri forests in Northland, and kauri could become extinct in some locations without urgent action.

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