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Habitat Protection Fund

The Habitat Protection Fund supports groups such as Mahinepua Radar Hill Landcare Group as they protect the landscape and animals around them.


What is the WWF Habitat Protection Fund?

The WWF Habitat Protection Fund supports communities to run projects that conserve and restore New Zealand's natural environment - freshwater, coastal, wetlands, forest and dunelands. 

The WWF Habitat Protection Fund is supported by the Tindall Foundation.

Who can apply?

The WWF Habitat Protection Fund is targeted at local community conservation groups based and working in New Zealand engaged in hands-on ecological restoration or conservation. We do not fund national or regional umbrella groups.

What kind of projects are funded?

The WWF Habitat Protection Fund gives preference to projects that are working to protect areas of high conservation value. The priorities this year are:  

  • Freshwater environments and their catchments
  • Coastal and dune systems
  • Wetlands and estuaries
  • Lowland and coastal forest communities
  • Habitats of threatened indigenous species
  • Coastal and inshore marine habitats

How much can I apply for?

A maximum of NZ$15,000. Projects can be funded for up to three consecutive years, but new applications will need to be made for each successive year. 

How to apply

This fund will be open for applications from 24 October until 18 November 2018. Click here to submit your application online. You must complete all the required fields and provide all the required information to submit the form. You must have all the required information ready to submit once you start filling in the form as you will not be able to save your work to complete later. If your internet connection is likely to cut out while you are filling in the form please contact Becky Wilson before starting (see contact info below).

For more information

Contact Becky Wilson, Innovation and Programme Coordinator if you have any queries
Email: hpf@wwf.org.nz
Cell phone: 027 455 0051
Office: 0800 435 7993

Funding Update

This fund will be open for applications from 24 October until 18 November 2018. 

Our application process has changed.  Please use the online form.


We have experienced a problem with the "save for later" function in our new online application form. All data entered is saved at our end, but some users are not able to get back into their most recent version with the saved link. The technical team are working to fix the problem. In the mean time the "save for later" function has been disabled, so if you are starting a new application you will need to complete the form in full and submit it all in one go. If you think you will need to come back to finish the form later or if your internet connection is likely to cut out while you are completing it please DO NOT START FILLING IN THE FORM. In this case please contact WWF to discuss how to apply. If you need to complete an existing applcation please contact WWF

Innovation & Programme Coordinator
Becky Wilson
Email: hpf@wwf.org.nz
Cell phone: 027 455 0051
Office: 0800 435 7993

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