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Community Conservation Fund

The Community Conservation Fund supports groups such as Mahinepua Radar Hill Landcare Group as they protect the landscape and animals around them.

We've changed the name of the Habitat Protection Fund. It is now called the Community Conservation Fund.


What is the WWF Community Conservation Fund?

The WWF Community Conservation Fund supports communities to run projects that conserve and restore New Zealand's natural environment - freshwater, coastal, wetlands, forest and dunelands. 

The WWF Community Conservation Fund is supported by the Tindall Foundation.


Who can apply?

The WWF Community Conservation Fund is targeted at local community conservation groups based and working in New Zealand engaged in hands-on ecological restoration or conservation. We do not fund national or regional umbrella groups.


What kind of projects are funded?

The WWF Community Conservation Fund gives preference to projects that are working to protect areas of high conservation value. The priorities are:  

  • Areas of lowland biodiversity including:
    • Freshwater environments and their catchments
    • Coastal and dune systems
    • Wetlands and estuarine systems
    • Lowland and coastal forest and scrub communities
    • Coastal and inshore marine habitats
  • Habitats of threatened indigenous species
  • Remaining remnants of high quality habitat


How much can I apply for?

A maximum of NZ$15,000. Projects can be funded for up to three consecutive years, but new applications will need to be made for each successive year. 


How to apply

The Community Conservation Fund is now open. 

To ensure you are eligible and meet CCF funding priorities please read the application guidelines carefully before registering.

All applications must be made online by clicking on the button below 



For more information contact WWF on

     Grant Administrator: 027 455 0051
     Freephone: 0800 435 7993 


Find out about previously funded projects

See our community projects map

Funding Update

The Community Conservation Fund is now open. 

To ensure you are eligible and meet CCF funding priorities please read the application guidelines carefully before registering.


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Community Funding Partner

WWF acts as a Local Donation Manager for The Tindall Foundation, a philanthropic family foundation working throughout Aotearoa to support families, community and the environment. We are what’s called TTF’s Environmental Donation Manager meaning that we distribute donations on behalf of TTF to local environmental education and community involvement programmes.

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