Resources for Community Conservation Groups

Community conservation on Stewart Island is reviving native bird populations such as kaka (pictured) along with the local economy
© Dave Hansford
If you are keen to start a new habitat protection group or expand an existing project, WWF’s Habitat Protection Fund could help you buy materials and tools, develop a restoration plan or pay for project staff.

Money is not the only help you will need, however, and we provide some useful resources on:

•    Restoration and Conservation Information – what plants to choose, how to control pests
•    Planning and Monitoring Projects – find out how to set goals, develop action plans and
•    Setting up and Managing Community Groups – Group organization and governance - find out how to set up a group, run meetings and register your group as a charity
•    Sourcing Plants – you may be able to source free or cheap plants to help the funds go further.
•    Funding for Community Conservation – advice on other sources of funding so you can expand your project!