To the New Zealand Parliament,

Climate change is bigger than politics.

We need political parties to work together and look beyond election cycles.

We need you to take meaningful action on climate change by passing a new law to establish a climate commission, set a long term goal, and give Aotearoa New Zealand a plan to get there: the Zero Carbon Act.

Back The Act!


It's time for New Zealand to get its act together when it comes to climate change. Climate action has been a political football for too long. Now, we have a chance to fix that.

That's why we've stood shoulder to shoulder with Oxfam, Forest & Bird, and - last but not least - youth organisation Generation Zero to call for all political parties to support the fairest, most ambitious Zero Carbon Act possible since 2017. 

We didn't just deliver this petition to one minister or the government, but sent a petition from all of us to to every Member of Parliament. Over 10,000 New Zealanders signed the petition.

That's because climate change is bigger than politics, so we need a plan that will stick.