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The extraordinary Antipodean albatross is in free fall to extinction – unless we act now.

This precious native species has declined by 2/3rds in a little over a decade.

An estimated 800 adult albatross die globally every year because of human threats including accidentally being hooked or killed in commercial fishing gear.

We can save these birds by making sure fishing boats abide by laws that require seabird-safe fishing gear and methods – like setting fishing lines at night, and weighting fishing hooks so they sink below the surface quickly and away from hungry birds.

The Government has just announced they will be rolling out cameras on all longline boats, which pose the highest risk to the critically threatened Antipodean albatross.

Now, we need to make sure they receive widespread support to get the programme over the finish line.

Send a “thank you” message to Minister Nash and help share the message far and wide.

Antipodean Albatross

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