An Ocean Collective;

turning partnerships into action so our ocean may thrive

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Together, Ngāti Kuri, Auckland Museum and WWF-New Zealand are building a collective based on the foundation of elevating cultural leadership and traditional management practices to heal our land and our seas.


Our vision


The mauri (life force) of our ocean is restored - providing healthy, productive ecosystems which conserve biodiversity, sustain and enrich our communities and enhance resilience for all future generations.

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Our principles


  1. Elevating indigenous leadership and promoting the value and importance of intergenerational  knowledge and traditional management practices.
  2. Building partnerships, sharing knowledge and working collaboratively.
  3. Integrating science and knowledge into all our decision-making and thought processes.
  4. Ensuring the well-being of future generations remains our priority.
  5. Seeking innovative solutions to environmental problems.
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Our approach


Indigenous leaders from across the Pacific have come together as 'Te Moana Nui a Hiva', a Cultural Network for the Pacific Continent.  Their vision is to inspire all people to commit to action which protects and restores our Pacific Continent

As part of this commitment, we are building Taiātea - an Ocean Collective in Aotearoa, to find strength through partnership and work collaboratively to restore the health of our oceans. 

For example, we are implementing a framework, based on Mātauranga Māori and science, to restore ecosystem health in Ngāti Kuri’s rohe in the far north of Aotearoa.  This includes the culturally important Rangitāhua/Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary, a global biodiversity hotspot, with many unique taonga found nowhere else on earth.

We invite others who share our vision and principles to join our collective.  Through partnerships, indigenous leadership, and the integration of knowledge systems, it is possible to achieve our common vision.

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