Ban Bottom Contact Fishing methods in The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park

Help protect the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and its precious seafloor species and habitats

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Bottom trawling, scallop dredging and Danish seining are destructive fishing methods that have been taking place in the Hauraki Gulf for decades.

These mobile bottom contact fishing methods drag fishing gear across the seafloor, destroying valuable benthic habitats in the process. These methods are also indiscriminate and catch large amounts of untargeted sealife and bycatch. The effects of these harmful fishing methods are long-lasting and it takes years for seafloor area to recover.

Help us put pressure on the government to remove these harmful fishing practices from the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park 


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Now is the time to remove these fishing practices in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park once and for all. 

Join us in showing the Government that New Zealanders do not want to see any more bottom trawling or scallop dredging in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.