New Zealand’s communities are working tirelessly to protect and restore our unique wildlife and natural places.

Will you help us support their vital work?

Supporting local action

Never before has restoring the balance between people and nature been more important. If we are to protect our environment, and our future, we need local action.

From biodiversity projects, nature restoration, predator-free movements, and more - local community groups are saving New Zealand. Their work is critical and there is much to be done.

That’s why WWF-New Zealand supports local action and the people putting in the hard mahi for the well-being of Aotearoa.


Donate to support community conservation projects today
© WWF New Zealand
© WWF New Zealand

Our Community Conservation Fund

WWF, in partnership with the Tindall Foundation, funds local conservation projects through our Community Conservation Fund. This year marks the programme’s 20th anniversary – a huge achievement which isn’t possible without our generous supporters.

The Community Conservation Fund supports people-powered, grassroots organisations making a local impact, rather than national or regional groups. Together, we’ve provided 1,900 groups with over $3.3 million of funding since 2012. The fund has powered 43 projects, including five projects protecting kiwis and three conserving kōkako.

We have achieved so much, but this is just the beginning. All of these groups are doing such crucial work but when you’re a small, grassroots organisation, it can be hard to sustain the funding you need in order to achieve long-term goals.

Donate to support community conservation projects today

Together, possible

We’re exploring options which would see us supporting these groups to do their own fundraising and become financially sustainable without relying on grants.

Unfortunately, we receive many, many more applications than we can currently fund. New Zealanders across our country are doing such incredible, essential work to conserve our environment. We would love to support them all.

This is an extraordinary new adventure. We can achieve so much if we work together. We hope you’re with us!

Together, it’s possible to look after our land, our people, and communities so we can live all in harmony with nature. We are in this together. Thank you.

Donate to support community conservation projects today
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