Imagine if all New Zealanders were able to easily report marine wildlife sightings on an app, just like how we report earthquakes.

This would drastically improve our understanding of marine wildlife in New Zealand. It’s the vital change we need to save and protect many of our most vulnerable species.

Please donate now and help make this change a reality!

My name is Dr. Krista van der Linde and I’m WWF’s Marine Species Programme Manager, working to ensure our country’s beloved marine taonga are protected.

Over my many years of protecting New Zealand’s marine wildlife, including our Māui dolphins, Bryde’s whales and leopard seals, I realised there’s an urgent need for ongoing research - so that we can quickly spot and resolve threats to at-risk wildlife.

Funding for marine species research is incredibly limited in New Zealand. There are huge gaps in current and reliable data, which greatly weakens our ability to anticipate which wildlife need urgent support or not.
An app will help overcome this shortcoming by providing a constantly updated source of critical information, powered by the sightings of everyday New Zealanders like yourself.
And even better, all New Zealand-based researchers, Government agencies and conservation groups will be able to access this data. This way everyone is empowered to make the most impact for our precious marine wildlife!
But to make this change a reality, we need your help now.

Please donate now

WWF-New Zealand is partnering with Māui63 and several other technology and conservation experts to develop this ground-breaking app.

With the marine species sightings app, we’d know where species are and if their populations are increasing or declining. This means us and other conservation groups would be better placed to identify the threats they are facing. We’d even have far more powerful data to support our efforts lobbying the Government for action. Our wildlife would be better off all-around.

Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated and make a huge difference in helping get the app built and in the hands of New Zealanders - ready to protect our most beloved marine wildlife.