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For the first time ever, 9Wire assembles Aotearoa’s biggest players working to fund and support environmental innovation, harnessing their collective strengths, to offer programme participants bespoke support and funding.

We know the innovation pathway is a complex one. In the past you may have spent weeks, months, or even years running into dead ends, pit falls and U-turns on your road to bring your innovation to impact. You may have not known where to turn to find appropriate support, connections, resources, and/or funding.

9Wire changes that. We are your bridge over the impediments of the past and smooth the path to impact by letting help find you. 9Wire is for anyone- a company, charity, non-profit, social enterprise or lone inventor- working on innovative ways to improve our environment.

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Applications have now closed

We are currently reviewing applications. Applicants will receive feedback by 5pm Friday 30 August 2019.


Since the beginning, Kiwis have been inventors and pioneers. From the Maori waka and fortified pā, to Sir Ernest Rutherford splitting the atom and Colin Murdoch’s disposable hypodermic syringe; from suffragette Kate Sheppard modernising democracy to Dr. Bill Robinson’s Seismic Isolators and Mrs McRae’s Pavlova. (yes, the Pav is definitely 100% pure New Zealand.) We have prided ourselves on our creativity, our ingenuity and, our use of a little #8 wire to fix anything.

But in the 21st Century, #8 wire simply won’t fix the problems our environment is facing. Mother Earth is saying, ‘yeah nah,’ to our she’ll be right attitude and asking for a bit more help. Now we need 9Wire thinking—taking us beyond backyard tinkering into pioneering solutions for the environment. That’s where we come in. 9Wire is an innovation pipeline for all stages of development with wrap-around, bespoke support that follows creators along their journey to get their environmental solutions from the blackboard to the world. 9Wire is leaping ahead- not about improving the known but inventing the unknown.


Our programme helps you navigate your environmental innovation to impact

Rather than other traditional accelerator programmes, where money is pushed towards those who fit a rigidly defined criteria, 9Wire pulls opportunities, support, and funding where it’s needed most. 9Wire allows support and funding to find you with access to Aotearoa’s key funders and innovation support organisations who are equally passionate about getting ideas to impact.

9Wire is not searching for one type of innovation or innovator. From products to public service innovations, to new technology or innovative management methods, to conceptual to new governance practices—it doesn’t matter.

Whether you are tinkering in your shed, have a nugget of an idea, an established invention, or a new governance or organisational innovation—if it’s a solution for the environment—we want to hear from you.



Are you passionate about our environment?

9Wire is all about bringing together brilliant thinkers with the right investors and mentors who can help take ideas from blackboard to real world.

We’d love to hear from you.


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