Native bird call quiz

See the answers below - how did you do?

1. Korimako / bellbird

© Human+Nature / Tony Stoddard Korimako were called bellbirds by early European settlers. This was because of their melodious song, which Captain Cook described as ‘like small bells exquisitely tuned’.

2. Kōkako

© Tony StoddardKōkako are at risk but populations are recovering on offshore islands and mainland sanctuaries. It's more common to hear kōkako high in the canopy, than it is to get a glimpse of this cousin of the tīeke (saddleback).

3. Kiwi

© P Reese / Nature PL Kiwis are famously the symbol of Aotearoa New Zealand. These nocturnal flightless birds have a haunting call. It carries a long way and is audible if you venture at night out into kiwi-protected areas.

4. Toutouwai / North Island Robin

© Mike O'ConnorToutouwai are common on the north island of Aotearoa. Throughout spring & summer they can be heard singing loudly, early in the morning from high up in the treetops. Walkers often find toutouwai scavenging for grubs in the disturbed ground of their footsteps.

If you couldn't sing along with these choirbirds, maybe it's time to get out into the native bush to ensure that our native birds can flourish.

Check out WWF funded community conservation projects here and volunteer options here.

All quiz sound files © Department of Conservation under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.