Be a conservation hero and fundraise for WWF!

© Tom Sloan

I felt sad and wanted to do something big to help. I had an idea of a day to fundraise for endangered animals.

Maya, age 10

We need you!

You can fundraise anywhere – at school, at work, at home or online. Our fundraising team here at WWF can help with ideas and support you through the process. Then every donation you raise – big or small – will help us to protect animals and our environment.

You’ll be helping us with our incredibly important work all over the world. From here in New Zealand, supporting kiwi rangers to protect our shy little bird and pressuring the government to protect the habitat of the last 63 Māui dolphins – all the way to stopping rhino poachers in South Africa and protecting pandas in China. 

© Simon Hoyle Southlight

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Cake sales - everyone loves cake! Bake something tasty (and tell your mates to get baking too) and sell a slice at lunchtime for WWF. Or have your own Panda Tea Party or pot luck at home – get your guests to bring a dish and a donation.  

Love the outdoors? What about a sponsored walk or run – whether it’s a 5k or (if you’re brave) even a marathon. However fast or slow, whether you’re running, walking or rolling, you’ll always be a winner if you’re in it for Team Panda.

Thrill seeker? Always wanted to do that skydive or bungy jump? Why not do it for an amazing cause!

Get creative – are you a whizz at origami? Or love doing art? Why not paint or make up some endangered creatures and sell them for a donation.  

Sponsored events – are you a big talker? Everyone will be impressed if you can manage to keep quiet with a sponsored silence. Love doing your hair? You could go wild and cut it all off for Team Panda!

Contact our Fundraising team with your ideas.