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Leave a gift in your will

Aptenodytes forsteri Emperor penguin Adult with chicks, colony in background Dawson-Lambton Glacier, Antarctica
© Fritz Pölking / WWF
Imagine having to go to a museum to see a kiwi. Imagine one of your grandchildren asking, "What was a rainforest?"
If we don't look out for the future, and protect our world for the next generation, much of what we see today could be lost forever.

New Zealand is home to a stunning array of wildlife, much of it unique to our part of the planet. However, our wildlife habitats are under threat. Many of our most precious species such as kiwi and Maui's dolphins have become vulnerable or endangered due to climate change, introduced predators, and unsustainable methods of fishing and resouce extraction.

WWF are committed to finding practical, long-term solutions to protect our unique wildlife and wild spaces, in New Zealand and abroad.

Founded in 1975, WWF-New Zealand is part of the WWF International Network. With more than five million supporters, and projects active in more than 100 countries, WWF is one of the world's most respected conservation organisations.  The generosity of our supporters enables us to protect vulnerable habitats, ensuring the survival of many threatened species, and improving people’s lives – today and far into a sustainable future. 
A gift in your will to WWF is a simple way to make an enduring contribution to protect and restore our world. With your help, imagine what we could achieve for the benefit of future generations.

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your will to WWF, please contact Raj Dasani, in confidence, on 027 271 8112, or rdasani@wwf.org.nz

Gretha Appleby from Nelson supported WWF for over 20 years after beginning regular donations in the early 1990’s. During this time she completed many surveys and expressed particular concern about climate change and its implications for the next generation and wildlife.
When Gretha passed away in June 2010 she bequeathed a hugely generous gift to WWF-New Zealand. We’re incredibly grateful for her long-standing contributions and this generous gift, and the projects her bequest will help us accomplish.
Because Gretha let us know her intentions in advance, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to thank her during her lifetime.

What you need to include

If you are considering leaving a gift in your will to WWF - thank you. This information may be helpful.
1.  Our legal name is World Wide Fund for Nature New Zealand.

2.  We recommend you talk to a solicitor for expert advice.  They may find the following wording helpful:

"I give to World Wide Fund for Nature New Zealand (the residue of my estate / a ______% share of my estate / the sum of $__________." for its general purposes.  A receipt given on behalf of the World Wide Fund for Nature New Zealand will be a complete discharge to my trustees for the gift."
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