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The ever increasing destruction of the sea-floor in New Zealand/ Aotearoa

In the official reporting about fisheries impacts on the seafloor habitats, the Government reports that the annual area trawled has declined over ...

12 Jun 2020 Read more »

WWF-New Zealand's Submission on the Inshore Fisheries Management Plan

The National Inshore Finfish Fisheries Plan (the inshore plan) is one component of New Zealand’s regime for managing the marine environment. We ...

24 Feb 2020 Read more »

WWF-New Zealand's submission on the Seabird National Plan of Action (NPOA)

New Zealand is the seabird capital of the world.2 More species of seabirds breed here than anywhere in the world (95 species in total, which is ...

01 Jan 2020 Read more »

Responding to the Climate Crisis - COP25

Over the past year new science and impressive grass-roots action have driven climate change back up on the international agenda.

18 Nov 2019 Read more »

Observer Reporting of Transhipments in in the WCPFC

The oceans are “enormously wide, deep and nontransparent.” Light rapidly dissipates beyond a depth of 200 meters, hiding the valuable tuna, ...

18 Nov 2019 Read more »
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