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The ever increasing destruction of the sea-floor in Aotearoa New Zealand

Many of our deep sea benthic habitats are made up of fragile and important ecosystems, that take hundreds of years to form, and only minutes to ...

18 Jun 2021 Read more »

WWF-New Zealand: Submission in support of a Temporary Closure (under s186A) on Waiheke Island.

WWF-New Zealand supports the request for a rāhui/temporary closure to be placed around Waiheke Island.

05 May 2021 Read more »

WWF - New Zealand Submission on the proposed Southeast Marine Protected Areas

One of the most effective ways to protect and restore biodiversity, build resilience in our ocean and for the health of our economy and wellbeing of ...

10 Aug 2020 Read more »

WWF-New Zealand's Submission on the Inshore Fisheries Management Plan

The National Inshore Finfish Fisheries Plan (the inshore plan) is one component of NewZealand’s regime for managing the marine environment. We ...

24 Feb 2020 Read more »

WWF-New Zealand's submission on the Seabird National Plan of Action (NPOA)

New Zealand is the seabird capital of the world.2 More species of seabirds breed here than anywhere in the world (95 species in total, which is ...

01 Jan 2020 Read more »