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Saving New Zealand's Seabirds

What can stop the fatal decline of our seabirds? Cooperation.
An important part of WWF's campaign to protect New Zealand's endangered seabirds is a unique conservation partnership - Southern Seabird Solutions.

New Zealand is home to many seabird species, from our albatross to petrels and shearwaters.  Yet due to unsafe fishing practises seabird numbers have plummeted and many species are now vulnerable to extinction. 

Southern Seabird Solutions Trust is an innovative alliance of WWF-New Zealand, fishing industry and government that supports and encourages fishers in southern ocean fleets to adopt responsible fishing practices. 

By using role-models to champion new attitudes and behaviours, the organisation encourages and supports fishermen in New Zealand and around the world to adopt responsible fishing practices to avoid the death and injury of seabirds in the southern hemisphere.  It is conservation through cooperation, bringing people together in the common cause of saving our seabirds. 

Albatross are world-travellers, spending up to 80% of their life at sea. They fly great distances at jaw-dropping speeds (up to 130-140km/h) travelling as far afield as Southern Africa, Australia, Japan, and North and South America.

During their journey they risk getting caught on fishers' longlines, diving to nab the bait, becoming entangled and drowning.

Southern Seabirds Solutions Trust is creating a future where all fishing vessels in the southern hemisphere use fishing practices that avoid the accident capture of seabirds.  Read more at

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Salvin's albatross 
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Salvin's albatross. Now classified by the IUCN at vulnerable to extinction.
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"The engagement of the fishing industry in addressing fishing-related issues makes the future more hopeful for seabirds."

Janice Molloy, Southern Seabird Solutions Trust Convenor

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Southern Seabird Solution Trust
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