WWF - The Place to Work

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WWF has been operating in New Zealand for over 40 years.

WWF was founded in 1961 and has been operating in New Zealand since 1975. We work and live by our values – committed, optimistic, determined, engaging and collaborative – to create a future where people live in harmony with nature.  
Our employees have the drive, initiative and commitment to share our passion for people and nature with supporters, trustees and the decision makers we are trying to influence. We provide a multicultural, stimulating environment in which our teams work together in an integrated way to deliver the conservation goals in our strategic plan. 
We have four clear conservation priorities, which are a mixture of global and local campaigns and projects. We are supported by tens of thousands of individual supporters, together with a number of large funding agreements with philanthropic foundations and/or government aid. 
We have achieved substantial growth since 2007. Our focus is on four main conservation goals, building strengthened relationships with our supporters, and preparing for a further phase of growth in FY17. 
As part of our values-based approach, we look at ways in which we can work more sustainably.