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WWF-New Zealand welcomes new green growth report

Posted on
14 November 2012

WWF-New Zealand today broadly welcomed the publication of the report, Green Growth: opportunities for New Zealand. The report sets out a compelling rationale for pursuing economic development that stays "within ecological constraints".

Citing the International Energy Agency's estimate that the global market for low carbon technology could be worth more than US$3 trillion per year by 2050, the report emphasises that the economic opportunities for New Zealand are potentially large but also highlights a range of areas where government policy and industry action is required to make the most of these and improve New Zealand's performance.

Peter Hardstaff, WWF-New Zealand climate change spokesperson said: "This report is a useful addition to the growing body of evidence demonstrating the potential benefits of more sustainable economic development for New Zealand.

"Particularly important are the recommendations on Electricity and Transport as these will have a major influence on the ability of other sectors of the economy to be more environmentally benign. WWF-New Zealand urges the government to act on the report's recommendations in these two sectors as a matter of priority."



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