WWF-New Zealand Statement on the call to stop Deep Sea Mining:

Posted on
10 July 2022
"Thousands of New Zealanders have called on this Government to ban seabed mining in Aotearoa. Seabed mining is experimental, dangerous, and unregulated. It will lead to the indiscriminate destruction of our ocean floor which would not only release harmful carbon into the atmosphere but potentially other chemicals and products that could further destablise this vulnerable ecosystem. Our marine environment is already under threat, so this destructive practice could be the tipping point that pushes our ocean beyond the point of recovery. Every single life depends on our ocean for survival. So, why we would take a risk with this precious resource is beyond all comprehension. This Government needs to put Aotearoa New Zealand, its people, and ocean first by banning seabed mining once and for all." - Livia Esterhazy, WWF-New Zealand CEO 


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