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WWF-New Zealand is taking a stand for our ocean

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01 September 2020

This election, WWF is amplifying the voices of New Zealanders as they call for a better protected ocean.

On Monday 31 August, WWF-New Zealand launched a new digital campaign, demanding our political leaders finally make ocean health an election issue - a joint call with the voices of marine and climate scientists, Māori leaders, young ocean activists, and many other New Zealanders. Less than 1% of Aotearoa’s coastal and marine area is fully protected. 80% of New Zealanders - including 91% of our youth, and 88% of Māori – agree that we must do more.

Every single life on our planet is dependent on the ocean. It’s one of the world’s greatest resources. It produces food and oxygen, regulates our climate and supports the lives, and livelihoods, of every single person on Earth.

“Protecting New Zealand’s moana is more than just conservation and management,” says Environmental Science Director, Dr Aroha Spinks.

“It is about replenishing the mauri - the lifeforce - of our ocean. Our new campaign gives anyone the opportunity to stand for the ocean with us. We need to act now if we want to ensure a thriving, abundant moana for future generations.”

The campaign calls for:

  • Effective protection of one third of our coastal and marine area
  • Transparent and sustainable fisheries
  • Protection of our threatened and endangered marine species.

WWF-New Zealand will be holding our political leaders accountable by publishing, on their website, which marine policies our leading political parties agree with. These details will be updated if a party’s position changes throughout the campaign period.

There are a number of ways the public can add their voice - including signing a letter addressed to the future Prime Minister, sharing campaign content on social media, or creating a short video explaining why it’s important to protect our ocean.


For more information or to request and interview, contact: Caroline Bruner, Media & Content Manager, cbruner@wwf.org.nz

Follow WWF-New Zealand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates – or visit wwf.org.nz/standforourocean to see more details.


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