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WWF-New Zealand Applauds Commitment to Reduce Emissions

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12 July 2018
The establishment of the Climate Leaders Coalition, a joint initiative of sixty New Zealand businesses who together represent just under half of this country’s emissions, is an unprecedented move towards solving climate change. 

Speaking from Auckland, WWF-New Zealand CEO Livia Esterhazy said: "Today, in an unprecedented move in support of the environment, sixty of New Zealand's most ambitious business leaders have come together to prove that together, it is possible to reduce emissions and fight climate change." 

"Making a real, tangible difference for our environment is our ultimate goal" Livia explained. "At WWF, our approach is to bring together individuals, communities, businesses and governments to create real solutions based on science and thought leadership. We're glad to be here today and part of the conversation so we can help bring about the change that is so desperately needed for our environment. This first step is wonderful, and WWF is here to support orgaisations to land their emission reduction goals."

WWF-New Zealand works with businesses who want to play their part in reducing emissions via the international Science-Based Targets Initiative. This offers tools for businesses who want to better understand how to do their bit to cut their emissions. 

“One of the great benefits of our Science-Based Targets Initiative is that businesses can harness the expertise that exists within WWF's global network, to ensure the targets they set are at appropriate levels for their industry” Livia explained. 

Livia continued: “Some organisations are not sure where they should be aiming or how to get there. We have people here in the Wellington office who can help them achieve their emissions-reduction goals, by connecting them to resources to ensure they’re on the right track."

WWF-New Zealand invites businesses who want to find out more about the Science-Based Targets Initiative and how they can do their part to reduce emissions to get in touch.


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