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WWF-New Zealand and NHNZ challenge creatives worldwide to make sustainability sexy

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26 February 2018

The word ‘sustainability’ brings a lot of words to peoples' minds, but ‘desirable’ or ‘sexy’ is rarely one of them. That's why WWF-New Zealand has teamed up with WiLD Studios (the short-film division of award-winning filmmakers NHNZ (Natural History NZ)) to challenge advertising creatives worldwide to use their wits to help unlock a future where people thrive in harmony with nature.

Launched this week, Project Extraordinary is the brain-child of WWF-New Zealand CEO Livia Esterhazy and WiLD Studios Executive Producer Carolyn Managh. Based in New Zealand and with extensive backgrounds and expertise in marketing and advertising, both women saw an opportunity to harness the creative genius of the advertising world to re-position sustainability as desirable and sexy, in order to bring about change.

Livia says: “When I worked in the advertising world, it constantly surprised and inspired me how creatives approached a problem and developed ideas to solve them. The degradation of our planet is the single-most pressing problem facing our very existence. This project is a bold idea to harness creative power globally to help build a future where people live in harmony with nature.”

Project Extraordinary challenges creative agencies around the world to create a short storyboard that re-positions sustainability as sexy and desirable. The objective is to inspire behaviour change so that by 2020, one billion consumers chose sustainability as one of their top three decision-making criteria when making a purchase.

WiLD Studios Executive Producer Carolyn Managh explains: “This is a history-making opportunity for a creative agency. To go beyond the documentary format typically applied to this topic and find a sexy and relevant way to reinvent the way sustainability is pitched to global consumers is clearly no small feat. It's an extraordinary challenge - with an extraordinary prize”.

Running now until 12 April 2018, the competition is open to registered creative, advertising or communications agencies everywhere. Three concepts will be shortlisted as ‘highly commended’ by a distinguished and diverse jury, including to be subsequently filmed and produced by WiLD Studios.

The Winner of The Extraordinary Award will be chosen from the three Highly Commended finished films by Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International and the panel members of the ‘How to Make Sustainability Sexy’ forum taking place in Cannes in June 2018.

WWF-New Zealand and NHNZ encourage New Zealand creative agencies and businesses to enter the competition.

Livia says "WWF-New Zealand is spearheading this competition for the WWF global network, because the idea started with Carolyn down here in Aotearoa. So it would be wonderful to have a strong showing on entrants from New Zealand's world-class advertising minds!"


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