WWF fundraising teams - in your community

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01 July 2016
WWF-New Zealand has friendly fundraisers working in communities throughout the country. Some are in shopping areas and others are knocking on doors talking to people about our work and asking them to make a regular monthly donation.

Here’s a picture of some official WWF fundraisers. They wear a large WWF bib with our panda logo, they have a fundraising badge you can check, and they have a laminated card with some basic information about WWF-New Zealand.

The fundraisers are an important part of WWF-New Zealand's work. They are trained to operate by WWF's values and engage with people in a respectful and positive way. 

Regular monthly giving is one of the most sustainable, cost effective and valuable ways people can support the work of WWF. It means less mail and less paper, and it provides us with a monthly donation we can count on.

We work with a fundraising agency called APPCO, as we've found this is the most cost effective and practical way for us to generate funds. It means our staff can focus on what we do best and ensure the money raised is used as effectively as possible.

You can also sign up online, by visiting our website and selecting the monthly gift option.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the team at WWF-New Zealand on 0800 435-7993.


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