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Earth Hour 2014 – Be a superhero for the planet, use your power!

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20 March 2014
Switch off your lights at 8.30pm on Saturday 29 March for Earth Hour and celebrate your commitment to the planet with the world!

Earth Hour symbolises our shared commitment to protect the planet. Together, our actions add up to make a big difference.

This year we have the help of Spiderman to get the message out there that you can use your power to make a difference, you can be a super hero for the planet! 

Earth Hour is a community-led event – it happens because you make it happen. Anyone can get involved and use their creativity, energy and power to come up with ideas and actions to help create a more sustainable world. 

Throughout New Zealand, communities are running their own Earth Hour events. From Geraldine in the south to Auckland in the north there are events happening.  More details on what is happening are available below! 

There are events happening all over the world, and wide range of great projects that people can support to make the world a better place. For more information and to get involved go to 
How can you make a difference? 
We are asking everyone to turn off their lights at 8.30pm on Saturday 29 March but if you feel inspired you can do more than that! 
Check out what is happening in your community and go to an event or go online and see how you can participate in the global movement and projects happening throughout the world at
If you want to help us fight climate change in New Zealand join our 100% possible advocates network.
Or make up your own commitment for how you will help make the planet a better, more sustainable place for us and all the amazing animals that live on it.
Some ideas to consider!
Go car-free one day a week
Switch to energy efficient light bulbs
Turn unneeded appliances off at the wall 
Buy local (but think global!)   
What’s happening across the country? 
Events include (but are not limited to!)
Oh and if you are running an event and want our help promoting it let us know at
Tauranga City Council has an off the grid community event with a Gourmet Food Night Market, a candle light concert and a fire dance with drumming! The whole event has been set up to be sustainable – with a solar system, recycling stations and electricity free lighting alternatives! More info here. 

It’s all on in Selwyn, with a line up of events from an earth hour video competition, a panel discussion on Genetic Engineering, and an earth hour barn dance, yee haa! For more info .


Is holding a Future Living Festival aimed at informing, inspiring and entertaining people while keeping a sustainable future in mind. Event highlights include a magical lantern walk, the Earth Hour parade, panel discussions on sustainability, 5x5x5 film festival, workshops and more.  For more info .

EcoWest will be hosting New Zealand's first ever post-carbon picnic which will include swhopping (swapping your pre-loved clothes and things), a sandwich party, selfies for the planet and fire dancing. Get more information here.

Hector's Restaurant at the Heritage Hotel in Auckland has designed a plant-based earth hour menu and will be turning off the lights for a candle lit sustainable vegan experience. 
Landmarks great & small are switching off
Including the Sky Tower at SKYCITY Auckland,  Auckland Museum, Wellington’s Parliament Buildings and the Heritage Hotel in Auckland. 
That’s all for now folks - remember to switch off your lights at 8.30pm on Saturday 29 March for Earth Hour. Be a superhero for the planet use your power! 


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