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Show Nathan Guy MP that his voters want him to save Māui dolphins

Your local MP, Nathan Guy, is the Minister of Primary Industries. Fishing - which includes the biggest threats to Aotearoa New Zealand's unique, critically endangered Māui dolphins - falls under his portfolio. The buck stops with him.

But he is refusing to act, claiming that existing protections are enough. With only 63 adult Māui dolphins surviving, we don't buy that - do you?

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Sam Flynn Scott speaking for dolphins

Māui dolphins need action

Māui dolphins are the smallest and rarest dolphins in the world and they only live here in New Zealand. But they could soon disappear forever – unless we act now.

Fishing is the biggest threat to Māui dolphins. Set netting (also called gillnetting) and conventional trawling have pushed Māui dolphins to the brink of extinction

As the Minister, Nathan Guy can change that

For as little as $26 million, the government can remove the biggest threats to Māui dolphins and help fishing people and communities switch to dolphin-friendly methods. That's less than three years of the ministerial travel budget.

But the Nathan Guy refuses to act

Less than 30% of Māui dolphins' habitat has any protection from set netting, and less than 8% has any protection from set netting and conventional trawling. Scientists worldwide have called for more government action, but the Minister of Primary Industries, Nathan Guy (your MP!), claims that the restrictions his government have already imposed are enough. 

They aren't. The International Whaling Commission's Scientific Committee have called for more action. The Minister is out of step with the science.

And the minister is out of step with New Zealanders. Communities up and down the country have spoken out for Māui dolphins. Even fishing companies are acting now. Two big fishing companies – Sanford Limited and Moana New Zealand – have pledged to switch to dolphin-safe fishing methods. 75% of New Zealanders want government to support fishing communities to switch.

Nathan Guy is your MP

He represents you. Ending the biggest threat to Māui dolphins is within his grasp. If he knows that enough of his constituents want action, he will have to act to save Māui dolphins.

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