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Join WWF's 100% Possible Advocates Network

New Zealand's clean energy future is 100% Possible
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Become an advocate for renewable energy

Join us to shape a clean green future for New Zealand
In the fight against climate change, our most powerful tool is you!

New Zealand could be a powerhouse of clean energy but we need to make some changes in order to shape the future we want.

We know many Kiwis agree with a renewable energy future. In a recent survey 73% of people said they wanted the Government to make renewable energy a priority above more fossil fuel extraction.

But the Government just isn't getting the message. That’s where you come in.

Become a 100% possible advocate

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How you can help

You - as citizens, as consumers, as voters – have the power to demand change.

That’s why WWF is building a network of advocates, like you. We need smart, passionate people, who can offer a little time, and declare their support for a clean energy future.

Sign up to be advocate for renewable energy and WWF will provide a toolkit and help you to use your influence effectively to protect our living planet.

We will contact you via email when your help is required. Your contribution of letters and phonecalls may seem small – but personal views from everyday Kiwis can have immense power.