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Add your voice to the open letter on climate change

An open letter calling for action on climate change signed by businesses, health professionals, prominent climate scientists, faith organisations, knights, bishops and a dame, has been delivered to the Minister for Climate Change Paula Bennett. You can add your voice below!

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Send a message to Minister Paula Bennett

Join the growing movement of businesses, organisations and everyday New Zealanders who want to see action on climate change by sending a message to Minister Paula Bennett. 

Climate change affects everyone. We believe that climate change is bigger than politics. Hundreds of New Zealanders from all walks of life have added their voices to the call for climate action made by businesses and community organisations.

By adding your voice to the open letter on climate change, you're proving to our government that climate action matters to all kinds of New Zealanders.

Writing your own Tweet or email (or even better a letter!) is the best way of making your voice heard. You can send a Tweet to the Minister @paulabennettmp or email

If you are an organisation or business get in touch with us directly here to add your logo to the open letter.


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Climate open letter

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"We're keen to work in partnership with the New Zealand government and we'll back the government in taking bold action on climate change."

Z Energy Chief Executive Mike Bennetts.


The open letter has been signed by more than 70 businesses, community organisations and prominent New Zealanders, including: 

Z-Energy, The Warehouse Group, Fuji-Xerox, Ernst & Young, Sanford, Moana New Zealand, Whale Watch Kaikoura, Logan Brown, Villa Maria, The Body Shop Kokako Coffee, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Dame Ann Salmond, Sir Stephen Tindall, New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine, Te Rūnanga o Aotearoa, Aroha Mead, Ven Rev Mere Wallace, Bishop Justin Duckworth, and several prominent climate scientists.

Our latest signatories include the Climate Reality Project Australia New Zealand and Professor Innes Asher ONZM

Hundreds of ordinary Kiwis like you have also signed on, adding their voices to the open letter. They're showing that climate change is bigger than politics. It matters to people from all walks of life. We've had everyone from farmers to priests to accountants to entrepreneurs to grandparents speaking out together. And that's powerful.