Choose wildlife-friendly toilet roll

 / ©: © Alain Compost / WWF-Canon
Sumatran tiger cubs. Just 400 Sumatran tigers are estimated to survive, their future existence threatened by deforestation.
© © Alain Compost / WWF-Canon
Indonesian rainforest is being destroyed to make throw-away paper products like toilet paper. And it's for sale right here in New Zealand.
One in four of the toilet rolls sold by New Zealand’s major retailers come from Indonesia.

A recent investigation found many came from unsustainable sources in Indonesia. Forensic tests proved that some contained rainforest fibre.

We believe that rainforest should be left standing for the wildlife and people that depend upon it.

The good news?  You can help stop the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests, home to threatened species such as Sumatran tigers and orang-utans.

Use our new consumer guide to make sure you buy wilidlife friendly toilet roll. 

Toilet paper brands responsible for turning the forest home for species including the endangered Sumatran tiger into throw-away paper products are in the 'red' section.

Wildlife-friendly brands - made from recycled paper or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council - are in the 'green' section.

We're asking all Kiwis to only buy toilet rolls that have made it in to the green category, and send a message that New Zealanders don't want to wipe out Indonesian wildlife.

Click here to find out which toilet-roll brands are wildlife-friendly - and which to avoid.

Download your guide to wildlife-friendly toilet roll

Many New Zealanders will want to make sure their shopping choices are not harming forests and wildlife in Indonesia. You can help ensure the forest homes of endangered tigers and orang-utans remain intact by using the consumer guide to make the right choice at the checkout.

Chris Howe, Executive Director, WWF-New Zealand