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Will you take up the Challenge?

Could you run 55 kilometres? Bake 55 cakes? Or how about going without technology for 55 hours? Whatever you can do, join us and take up the challenge to help protect the world’s rarest and smallest marine dolphin!

Māui dolphins are unique to New Zealand, and until November 2016, scientists estimated that there were only 55 of them left. The latest estimate is that there has been a small increase and there are 63 remaining Māui dolphins. They are at risk from netting and trawling, and only half their habitat is protected. We need to take action to protect our dolphins immediately.

Challenge 55 is our fundraising campaign dedicating to saving the Māui dolphin. By taking up a challenge of your own, you're helping with WWF's conservation work to protect this precious species.

Take up the Challenge

What is Challenge 55? WWF's Alex explains it in 55 seconds!

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What’s your Challenge?

If we work together, we can save New Zealand’s treasured dolphins – but without your help, we’re facing a future without them.

You can take up a Challenge on your own, with family, or with some friends! Here’s some inspiration from folks who’ve already signed up.
  • Ela Gale is challenging herself to go 55 days without producing any rubbish! Check out Ela's Challenge page.

  • Mandy is getting her whole family involved in a litter-picking Challenge. Team Trash Busters aim to collect 55 kilos of rubbish from Wellington’s south coast. Find out more.
  • Theresa plans to walk/run/stumble the Governor's Bush Track in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park 55 times over two weeks. Follow her progress on her Challenge page!

Three steps to take up the Challenge

If you’re ready to take up Challenge 55, follow the steps below…

1. Pick a challenge! You can choose anything you like – as long as it’s 55 of something. 

2. Set up a fundraising page on Everyday Hero and invite your friends to sponsor you.

3. Spread the word! Tell the world about your fundraising on Facebook or Twitter. You could even make a short film to inspire other people, like our amazing supporter Veronica.

If you have any questions about Challenge 55 please get in touch with Ellie or Charlie in our fundraising team.
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At around 1.5 metres in length, Māui dolphins are so small they could fit into a bathtub.

Māui are very playful. Fun Māui games include blowing bubbles and playing with seaweed.


Identified by their small black rounded dorsal fin, Māui have white and black markings on their stomachs.

Panda's Challenge 55

Panda’s doing 55 star jumps... in 55 seconds! What’s your #Challenge55?

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