Māui dolphins need more protection, not more seismic surveying

Posted on 18 June 2014   |  
Maui's dolphin
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WWF is calling for Māui dolphins to be protected across their range from risky activities including seismic surveying in light of Green Party revelations that the Government has permitted grants to explore for oil in Māui habitat.
“We need to be doing more to save the last 55 Māui dolphins, not exposing them to further risks from seismic surveying for oil exploration, said WWF-Head of Campaigns Peter Hardstaff. 
“The Government’s failure to fully protect Māui dolphins from net-fishing across their range is already putting them at risk of extinction, and this situation is made worse by opening up their habitat to seismic surveying and a greater chance of oil spills.
“WWF urges New Zealanders to let the Government know they want greater protection for Māui by signing our petition to save the last 55 Māui dolphins.”
“With people’s help we can make a difference and make New Zealand’s leaders listen, said Mr Hardstaff. 
Further information 
Save the last 55 Māui dolphins petition is available at - www.thelast55.co.nz
Maui's dolphin
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