Problems signing up?

  • It won't accept my username or password
    The sign-up requires you to have at least 5 characters in both your username and your password.
    - Your Username must only be letters and numbers - no symbols (like % & * # etc, except in your ) and no spaces.
    - Your Password can be letters, numbers and/or symbols, but no spaces
  • It says my email address is not valid
    If you are positive that your email is correct, just check that there are no trailing spaces after your address (especially if you are copy and pasting it in). Otherwise just make sure that the @ is in there, and the full domain (eg, is there.
  • Can't read the security code?
    Yes - that's a tough one. The code is there to stop spam-machines automatically filling in the form. You can try clicking on the "reload captcha" to view a new one (it is next to the code box), and see if that helps. If you still have difficulties, write to us and we will help you get signed up. No problem.
  • What is the security code for?
    The letters that appear in the image on the sign up form are a security code (also known as CAPTCHA) that help us ensure that only real people - and not very annoying automated spammers - sign up. Because other computers are unable to solve the CAPTCHA, any user entering a correct solution must be a real human!

Can't login

  • I have forgotten my username and/or password
    Your username will be the email address that you signed up with. If you have lost your password you can get a new one sent to your email address (that you signed up with).
  • My username and password are correct but I still cannot get in
    Write to us and let us know - we can figure it out together with you.
  • I did not get a confirmation email from WWF to activate my account
    Check your spam or junk mail folder just in case it ended up in there. If you still can't find it, write to us.

Making comments on WWF web pages

  • To add a comment to an entry you first need to be registered and logged in.
  • I still can't add my comment
    It may be that the author that particular article declined to accept comments. 
  • More help is on it's way (i.e. it still being written :-)

You and your Profile

  • How do I change my personal information?
    You can edit your profile here (you need to log in in first)
  • How do I remanin anonymous?
    When you edit your profile, you can choose how anonymous you want to be. Down at the bottom of your profile there is a choice of of if you want your information to be shown to others. If you choose "no" then all people will see if you make a comment or post some content is your "Display Name" (so you can choose a pseudonym for that). If you say "yes" then people can see your Display name, the country where you live, and any of the of the fields that talk about your interests and you concerns (if you don't fill them in, it soedn't show them). private information such as your email, gender, year of birth, mobile phone number etc are never shown to other people.
  • Do I have to in fill in every field when I edit my profile?
    No. Only those that have a red asterisk next to them
  • What information from my profile will be shown to others?
    If you have chosen to "Let other people see things About me" when someone clicks on your Display Name when you leave a comment they will see:
    - Your country
    - Your Favourite animals/species
    - The things that concern you most
    - What you're doing to save the planet

    If you chosen not to "Let other people see things About me", then people can only see your Display Name - they can see nothing else.

    This  following nformation will never be seen by other users:
    - Your real name
    - Your email address
    - Your  year of birth
    - Your gender
    - Your mobile phone number

    Please note, you do not have to enter any information other than that required (as shown by the presence of a red asterisk next to the box).

Contacting others

  • Can I contact other people who have also signed up, like my friends, though the web site?
    No - sorry - at present you cannot do that. Eventually you will be able to send them a message through the site (but you will never see their email address).

Reporting offensive, copyrighted or spam content

  • I've seen something I don't like - how do I report it?
    If it is a comment on a page, you flag this as inappropriate using the link next to each comment that is shown. We are alerted to every comment that is marked as offensive.
  • I have seen someone's profile that has offensive material or spam in it, what can I do?
    Write to us and let us know - we will take a look and carry out the appropriate action. We sincerely appreciate your help in monitoring such activity. Thank you!

Removing yourself from this site

  • I want to remove my profile from this site, how do I do that?
    Sorry to see you go - but we have made it easy for you to remove your profile from the site. When you edit your profile you will see at the bottom a link to remove your profile,,, it can all be done in just a few seconds.
    However any comments you made on the site will still remain.
    If you have concerns or question, write to us and we'll try and help you.

I've got a great idea for making the site better, what do I do?

We love feedback. Seriously. So please let us know what you like on the site, what you hate, and how you think we can make it better. The more feedback we get the better the site will be and the greater the chance we have of making a real difference in protecting our one and only planet.

Any other questions?

If your question is not answered here, send us a message using this form.

When writing, make sure you fill in your email address so we can respond to you.